Road Accident Fund Claim: Johan Diedericks

September 16 2013

13 September 2013

Marais & Basson Attorneys

Dear Sir,

Road Accident Fund Claim: Johan Diedericks

When one has the unfortunate experience of being involved in a serious vehicle accident, you are thrust into an unknown world, which is characterised by loss; trauma and enormous financial implications.

We found ourselves in just such a season after Johan’s accident in July 2010 and from the very minute we entered the doors of Marais and Basson, to start a RAF claim, as requested by our medical aid, we were greeted by friendly smiles and a willingness to help.

I can never completely express the utter sense of security we experienced, knowing we were in such competent and professional hands.
Not only were we kept well informed of the process the entire three years it took to finalise our claim, but Stefan and his team, went out of their way to ensure that our unique needs were considered and well met.

We would like to thank:
• Caiphus Manakane, who’s gentle and reassuring manner, as a driver, as well as in his inter-personal relationships, went a long way in helping us face the intense traumatic fear of driving and accidents,
• Hendrik Waldeck, who’s unwavering faith and steadfast confidence in our ability to overcome, carried us through the toughest week of specialist’s appointments,
• Trudy Riekert, who answered all the myriad of questions we asked with patience; caring and honesty. Trudy was a steady rock that we stood on, when the fear of the unknown threatened to overwhelm us. She was concerned about our welfare and walked that extra mile with us, when it came to the many doctors and specialist appointments we had to work through.
• Andra Holtzhauzen, for her compassion; continual reassurance and prayers during our court case,
• Esther Grobler, who sacrificed a Sunday afternoon, to drive us through to Pretoria to see our advocate, who cried with us and prayed with us, who assured and reassured when doubt beset us, who’s gentleness made the difficult days in court bearable;
• Stefan Basson,  who’s compassion and willingness to make this process as painless as possible; for fighting for us and for being completely honest with us throughout this entire process.

Marais and Basson made us feel like family, shouldering the responsibility of this claim with us, protecting us and providing for us, every step of the way.

It is my heartfelt belief that the compassion and genuine endearment we received from Stefan and his team, contributed greatly to affording us the time and capacity for emotional healing and restoration from the trauma of Johan’s accident.

Thank you is only two words and cannot rightfully convey the depth of our gratitude, but know that we feel blessed beyond measure, for having you at the helm of this season in our lives.

Yours truly,
Johan and Donene Diedericks